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PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2014 7:21 pm 
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This week, we fill our popcorn tubs and soda buckets and check out Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Plus, Rhea Butcher (the newest movie studio exec) hears pitches for the next great espionage thriller. Will Cameron earn her gig back?

Wham Bam Pow Ep. 50 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 1:36 am 
Judge Hodgman's Justice Squad
Judge Hodgman's Justice Squad

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This was definitely by far my favorite Marvel movie. I've liked them all to varying degrees, but this felt like the most complete movie.

Here's the only thing I noticed when watching the movie. When it's revealed that HYDRA has substantially infiltrated SHIELD, Hawkeye is not mentioned once. I can see how getting Jeremy Renner into an already packed movie might have been problematic, but no one even thinks to give him a phone call to make sure he's alive/his mission isn't compromised? The Avengers led us to believe that he and Black Widow are incredibly close, being that they're some of the top tier agents at SHIELD. How hard would it have been to write a line where they say something like, "Called Barton. He's aware of the situation and will get back to D.C. as soon as he can." And this didn't take anything away from the movie. I just found it really odd that one of the two major (non-superhuman) SHIELD agents wasn't even name-dropped in the movie about SHIELD. I would have thought at the very least his name would get a passing mention, even if casually in conversation.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 18, 2014 8:37 pm 
Friend of the Family
Friend of the Family
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Great action in this movie. Like Ricky mentioned, they don’t shy away from a wide-angle shot during the action and that gives a great sense of geography.

This is definitely my favorite Marvel movie. Although, I mostly feel vindicated because Captain America has always been my favorite character in the Avengers. I even liked the Joe Johnston First Avenger movie.

I agree with DenimNightmare; it was definitely the most complete movie. Even the best comic book movies have really great set ups and premises which develop stakes and then just seem to blow it all in the final act. The Wolverine is a great example of this failure. An interesting tone and plot transporting Wolverine into a modern Japanese culture with a little corporate intrigue, but then it just devolves into a crazy fight scene at the end where the final confrontation doesn’t really have anything to do with the emotional stakes of the first half of the movie. Instead, the final confrontation is giant robot samurai which is a vague reference to an actual character in the Wolverine canon. Clearly, I’ve been thinking about this. It just seems like most comic book movies depart from their source material in really great ways but then remember their source material at the end and feel like they have to turn back into a comic book. Just make a great movie. Like The Winter Soldier.

The following is possibly TL;DR

I can address the meaning of the name, Winter Soldier. First, it is a cool name for an assassin who works for Russia and its cold climate. Also in the comics, he was only released every few years to do a job. In between jobs, he was “put on ice” (suspended animation).

Second, it is a reference to the Vietnam War Winter Soldier Hearings and the Thomas Paine paper The American Crisis for which the hearings were named after. In the original paper Paine talks about how summer soldier and sunshine patriot were deserting (or their contracts were up) when they were needed most (Valley Forge 1776). A true soldier, a winter soldier does his duty even when the conditions are the worst. The Winter Soldier Hearings were about soldiers telling of the atrocities that were committed in the Vietnam war. They could have been summer soldiers and kept quiet, but they decided to be winter soldiers and speak the truth even though it’s not what people wanted to hear.

So Bucky is also a winter soldier because he is a “perfect” soldier. He will never abandon his country because he has been brainwashed.

However, I think The Winter Soldier title is more than just a reference to the character in the movie. Captain America is a winter soldier. He was supporting his country in WWII where the enemy was clearly evil (Hyrda and Nazis) and he is speaking up in the modern era where he sees evil in SHIELD, even though it is a part of the government which is supposed to be good.

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